John R. Foster, Esq.
Consultant to the Trade
IECA CLEG Resources
As a follow up to my May 24 presentation, here are some useful links:

Jones Act:
46 USC §55102

Customs Regulation:
19 CFR §4.80

Customs Regulation:
19 CFR §4.80b

Customs Advisory Ruling of January 2012:
HQ H190675 (1/20/12)

Customs Advisory Ruling of April 2010:
HQ H101115 (4/23/10)

Customs Advisory Ruling of March 2010:
HQ H095120 (3/9/10)

Customs Advisory Ruling of May 2004:
HQ 116230 (4/28/04)

American Maritime Association v Blumenthal,
590 F.2d 1156 (DC Cir. 1978)

Congressional Research Service Report RS21566,
The Jones Act: An Overview (7/8/03)(Wikileaks)

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